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The flagships of the shop in Piazza San Silvestro are, therefore, its workshops.


The watchmaking laboratory – authorized by Rolex – is one of the best known and most qualified in Italy. It has innovative tools for checking, maintaining and repairing all types of high-end watches, including the Vibrograph Chronocomparator, the instrumentation for carrying out the water resistance test, the ultrasound washing machine, the polishing machine and the stone.


Its watchmakers attend regular refresher courses on the new calibers at the Swiss manufactures, and are available to customers for advice and estimates.


Finally, the goldsmith laboratory designs and creates the Bedetti goldsmith and jewelry collections. Furthermore, it creates personalized jewels on specific customer requests, in particular solitaire rings and wedding rings.


With a tradition reaching back more than 100 years, a quality range of Haute Horlogerie brands and a first class name in the field of diamonds...


Bedetti has been creating exclusive jewelry since the '60s.


The purchase of a watch or a piece of jewelry can mark the special moments of our lives.

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