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In 1868, the American watchmaker and entrepreneur Florentine Ariosto Jones left Boston for Switzerland and founded the “International Watch Company” in Schaffhausen. His visionary dream was to combine modern American production technologies with the craftsmanship of Swiss watchmakers to create the finest pocket watches of the time. In doing so, he not only laid the foundations for IWC’s unique engineering approach, but also initiated the centralized production of mechanical watches in Switzerland.

In its 150-year history, IWC Schaffhausen has distinguished itself by creating functional, ingenious, rugged and user-friendly complications; particularly chronographs and calendars. A pioneer in the use of titanium and ceramics, IWC specialises in the production of high-tech cases made of cutting-edge materials such as titanium aluminide and Ceratanium®️. Favouring the principle of “form follows function” over aesthetics, the Swiss watch manufacturer’s timeless creations embody the dreams and ambitions of their wearers.

In the new Manufakturzentrum, which opened in 2018, IWC Schaffhausen brings together traditional watchmaking craftsmanship with state-of-the-art production methods and technologies. In the manufacture of components and cases, state-of-the-art turning and milling stations guarantee the highest quality and precision. The assembly of the manufacture movements, on the other hand, requires careful manual work. It is only through the expert hands of the watchmaker that the mechanical heart of the watch begins to beat.

IWC purchases materials responsibly and acts to minimize its impact on the environment, creating inherently sustainable watches that are built to last generation after generation. The company prides itself on training its future watchmakers and engineers and providing an excellent working environment for all employees. IWC also works with organizations that benefit youth and children around the world.


Conceived as navigational instruments for aviators, IWC Pilot’s Watches are indispensable tools for modern explorers.

The striking conical crown of the Big Pilot’s Watch is a reminder of the days when aviation pioneers had to brave wind and weather in unheated cabins. Necessarily, they needed a large, easy-to-grip crown so they could be adjusted and reloaded even with gloved hands. Their design is a result of the typical instrumentation look, with luminescent gauges standing out against a black background.


The Portugieser is one of IWC’s oldest and best-loved watches. No other watch family incorporates so many technical feats of haute horlogerie. Its legendary design, with its striking dimensions, sober Arabic numerals, slender feuille hands and railway-track-style chapter ring, was created in the 1930s, a time when it was considered to be ahead of its time. Clearly structured and essential, the original Portugieser dial is still an unparalleled example of horological design.


Combining timeless elegance with a touch of glamour, IWC Portofino embodies the sophisticated Mediterranean lifestyle.

Appreciated by men and women alike, the Portofino collection has been a guarantee of success for the Schaffhausen-based manufacturer for 30 years. This is due as much to the constant demand for classic watches as to the puristic design that distinguishes these timepieces. Simple and unpretentious, its minimalist design is inspired by pocket watches


Designed as a professional instrument for divers, the IWC Aquatimer is also perfect for any adventure on land.

IWC Schaffhausen has more than 50 years’ experience in developing and producing professional diver’s watches for the enjoyment of all those who enjoy tackling the oceans and seas. Its design features a quick-change strap system and a two-color luminescent coating that ensures optimum legibility under water, allowing you to quickly orient yourself on the dial even in poor visibility.



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